En nuestra comunidad hay más de una veintena de nacionalidades representadas, de todos los rincones del mundo… vengas de donde vengas, aquí hay sitio para ti.

Si tu idioma no es el español, no te preocupes, encontrarás personas con las que podrás entenderte.


simultaneous translation



Did you know that at the IEBZ we provide simultaneous interpretation during our Sunday service?  We have a team of interpreters who take it in turns to carry out this precious and necessary ministry.  In the church, next to the sound equipment, there are a number of blue seats reserved for those who require this service.  For the time being, we are regularly providing interpretation from Spanish to English.



banner small group

If you want to have fun, grow and share adventures with other English-speakers, come join our English-speaking small group. More info available at the information stand.

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